Project Management

Whether you attend one trade show a year or several, your team is always working hard to ensure the best impression. However, this doesn’t leave much time for the other aspects of your trade show. That’s why we recommend having a dedicated project manager.

A project manager is someone who will provide you with support and direction as you get ready for your trade show event. They’ll make sure that you are prepared for the event and have everything you need for a successful outcome. The project managers at IGEXPRESS will also keep you informed of any changes or risks.

Most importantly, WE ARE ONE TEAM! We have your best interests at heart, and we will celebrate your successes and milestones right along with you!

Fast, Optimized Timelines

Putting together a trade show exhibit takes time. Some experts recommend that businesses start working on a custom trade show booth 9 to 12 months in advance. However, we realize that this is not feasible for many businesses, especially if they want to take advantage of a last-minute trade show event.

IGEXPRESS has the perfect turnkey solutions – and they only require a few weeks of prep time! Rather than starting from scratch, we have pre-fabricated designs ready to be customized to your liking! Pick out the size and layout that you want and we’ll get to work immediately! You can be as involved as you’d like, but we guarantee that we’ll stick to the pre-approved schedule that we all agree on.

Open, Transparent Communication

Ongoing communication is an important part of our trade show services. We’ll keep you in the loop at all times. You won’t be seeing your trade show booth for the first time on the day of the event. Our design team will give you sneak peeks as we work on your exhibit and bring your vision to life. And, if there’s something that you don’t like, let us know! We’ll have plenty of time to address it.

Having a dedicated project manager ensures that the project lifecycle goes smoothly. You’ll have one point of contact, and you can speak with this person at any time! They will be continually updated on your trade show display so that they can relay important information to you.

Practice Runs & Testing = Perfection

It’s important that your trade show display is visually on point, but it also needs to perform well. That’s why we schedule dry runs ahead of the main event to make sure that everything works correctly. You’d be amazed at what we can catch by performing these tests, so they are a critical part of the design process!

Some of the things we look for during our dry run are audio and video files, lighting, sight-line limitations, microphones, internet connectivity and the overall safety of the space. As long as everything looks good and feels good, we can move onto the next phase of the project, which is preparing your exhibit to be shipped and delivered to your location.

Together, we make one great team! Contact IGEXPRESS to discuss your vision, and we’ll be happy to explain our process and how we can help you have a great turnout at your next event!

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