Exhibit Construction

To ensure the most success at your trade show events, you’ll need to have an outstanding exhibit. Fortunately, IGEXPRESS will not let you down in this department! We are known for creating stunning, interactive and memorable trade show display booths that capture people’s attention. Every trade show display starts with a high-quality construction using premium materials and efficient layouts. With pre-fabricated designs, we can start working immediately on your exhibit, whether it be adding hardwood flooring or installing LED lighting. And, we’ll be sure to test everything before the big day! IGEXPRESS invites you to browse our collection of forward-thinking trade show exhibits in 10×10, 10×20 and 20×20 sizes. Once you find a size and layout you like, we can start making the exhibit uniquely yours, customizing the colors, branding and features to reflect your business.

High-End Materials and Premium Construction

After working in this business for 25+ years, we know that a high-quality trade show exhibit is key to getting noticed. People aren’t going to trust your brand if your exhibit is barely standing. This is why we choose the highest quality materials for our booths. These materials are strong enough to handle repeated use.

At the same time, we make sure to choose materials that are lightweight and travel-friendly. Our goal is to make the trade show experience as smooth and flawless as possible, and we can’t achieve this by using heavy, awkward materials. No matter the shape or size of your exhibit, you can count on sturdy, cost-effective materials that will support your brand.

Endless Customization Options

Here at IGEXPRESS, we recognize that your brand is unique. We’ll make sure that the distinct qualities of your business are featured in your exhibit. When your trade show booth arrives at your destination, you can be confident that it will showcase your products and services and speak directly to the target audience you are trying to reach.

Remember, our pre-fabricated trade show booth designs allow for endless possibilities. Choose from a wide range of materials and pre-planned themes, or talk to us about something completely unique and original! The sky’s the limit, so don’t hold back! Experiment with different layouts, graphics and technology!

Feature Your Products and Services

Whether you want to feature your best-selling products or a brand new service you’re offering, IGEXPRESS will make sure that we convey your message to the right audience. You get to be an active part of the design process, though our design professionals are also happy to take the lead. We make it easy for our clients to be as hands-on as they want!

When it comes to trade show events, it’s all about the delivery. With the right banners, table covers, lighting, signage, etc., you can bring your products and services to life. We strive to create exhibits that command attention and facilitate interactivity while also educating prospects.

Get in touch with IGEXPRESS today to discuss your upcoming event. Since our exhibits are pre-designed, you can choose the size and layout of your choice, and we’ll get to work customizing the exhibit right away. We can meet tight deadlines, and we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is show up and look amazing!

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