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How will you tell your brand’s story?

IGEXPRESS has over one hundred pre-designed trade show booth layouts to choose from. We have every layout you can imagine and think of from small inline booths, convenient peninsula booths and oversized island exhibits. Browse through our design collection and options and choose the size and layout that works for you. We will then start working on the customizations to bring your exhibit to life and ensure it accurately represents your brand’s story and brand image.

Brand Experience

We do not design and build trade show exhibits, we create brand experiences. Your customers will be able to experience your brand and promise through the overall booth experience using materials, colors, branding, lifestyles, audio-video, technology and more.

Your brand is much more than a name or logo. Those things are important for us, but without products or services or customers, a logo is just art. We build brand experiences that showcase your true identity. We use a combination of identity, emotion, experiences, charisma – the soul of your company and the products and/or services it makes. This way, you can stand proudly next to your display and share your brand’s mission.

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