Graphic Production

Trade shows are visual events that capitalize on high-impact graphics, custom fabrication and eye-catching designs. It’s important that your brand stands out – and the way to do this is with compelling graphics that represent your brand.

IGEXPRESS has a marvelous team of digital graphics specialists who can offer a fresh perspective to your trade show design. They’ll figure out the best ways to promote your products and services while also leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

High-End Graphics and Visuals

Your business does more than sell products and services. It’s a living entity that has a personality and a desire to flourish. The graphic design team at IGEXPRESS has lots of great ideas to share with you that will bring your brand to life!

Some of the ways we customize our clients’ exhibits are by using vibrant colors, consistent branding and big, bold signage. Our graphic design team also considers the appearance of your exhibit from numerous points on the trade show floor.

From a distance, we want your signage to clearly convey your message without looking cluttered. Up close, you can share more information about your business through catalogs, brochures and manuals. You know your brand best, so share your ideas with our design team!

Customize a Blank Canvas

When you pick out a trade show exhibit through IGEXPRESS, it’s immediately ready for customization. With pre-fabricated designs ready to go, we don’t have to wait to start working on your display. We’ll ask you to share high-resolution logos, photos, fonts and artwork you want to see in your design, but that’s all we need to get the ball rolling!

We do follow the simple but effective rule of thumb that “less is more.” This doesn’t mean that we’ll just slap black lettering onto a white canvas, but rather that we’ll share the right amount of information at the right time.

Cluttered graphics can be overwhelming and work against you. Instead, our graphic design team strives for clean, modern graphics that reel in visitors who will then be interested in learning more about your business. You can then share more detailed information at this time.

Eye-Catching Brand Messaging

IGEXPRESS has everything you need to showcase your brand at your next trade show event. We can create big, bold promotional signs and banners that can be used indoors and outdoors, and we can customize all colors and branding. We want your exhibit to feel uniquely yours, as if it were built specifically for your brand from the ground up.

We also recommend working other trade show graphics into your exhibit to further educate prospects, such as catalogs, brochures, promotional items, order forms and table covers. This way, you can offer various “layers” of information that visitors can absorb as they wish.

Take a look at our portfolio to get inspiration for your next trade show display booth! You can choose the size and layout that fits your needs, and then start working with our graphic design team to create attention-grabbing visuals!

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